Divine Intervention

A lot of people are calling COVID 19 divine intervention and I agree. I have been doing what I do best, observe. I’ve been looking at people and work environments, news, daily conversations parenting and friendships.

I am seeing an easing up, a letting go of this sense of control people usually carried in their lives. I am seeing a blurring of boundaries, where professionals would carefully curate their lives with their attire and the information they share about their personal lives, I see a letting go and admitting the full spectrum of our lives.

As the eternal optimist, I see an expansion due to this huge worldwide event, people are forced to pay attention to what matters most, like calling relatives, making sure that stress levels are managed, spending time cooking with our kids, eating together and working in a more empathetic manner.

The fact that travel is not possible and gatherings are not happening we have become more grateful for the time we had together and have become more aware of its importance, remember when we would not think twice before booking a ticket for a weekend getaway! Imagine how happy we will be to be able to do that again, I think happier then we would have been had COVID not taken away what we take for granted.

Now that I know I can’t visit my parents this summer I am talking to them daily, when I wake up it’s time for bed for them and so my phone call is the loveliest way to start my day and for them, I’m sure a happy reassuring sleep aide.

We do have fear and sadness because of the loss of life and feeling the collective pain of those who have lost loved ones. Also, our vulnerabilities as governments and political systems are exposed so we now know, where we need to put our attention as nations and where we need to learn from other nations who have handled the pandemic better than us.

There is a mix of realization, longing, gratitude, and awareness that the world is going through.

Let’s make this change us for the better:)

Sending you love and light


Divine Intervention