Comfort of routine

I usually set aside Wednesdays as my blog/social media days. I make one Instagram post and write my blog and post it on my site and add that link to my Facebook page. That is my humble and entire marketing strategy.

So I think people would say that sucks and how does that ever get you any business and the answer is, it doesn’t. I am very comfortable with knowing that online marketing is not my strong point and since it isn’t my strength people don’t respond to it as much as what is my strong point. Face to face meetings and interaction with people, turns people I talk to into customers. So I focus on that and I manage this side of things.

I used to think that unless I learned everything about the internet and how to run ads and how to have viral content I won’t be successful. That is classic perfectionism which can be very damaging and it pulls you away from taking small consistent steps towards your success and growth.

So I stopped trying to learn all tech everywhere and go to every master class on Instagram and I am putting an age-old success habit in place, consistency.

I’ve found my grove I’ve learned my five simple moves and I’m doing them every Wednesday without fail and that gives me peace and comfort, joy and also relieves me from staying in my weakness fixing zone.

I’ve put in 30% of my time in my weakness and 70 % in my strength when it comes to social media and marketing in general.

I’m hoping that one day I’ll have my own social media person but until then humbly every Wednesday you see a blog post, you see a quote and I check in on all my coaching groups.

Any of you out there intimidated by the changing face of the markets and rapid growth in the way we work I see you, I feel you.

Don’t freak out. Don’t let technology get in the way of your success it’s okay to wing it and keep learning. Learning is easier when you take the worry out of it and the pressure to be an expert out of it.

To become an expert you need to do consistent work.

So put a routine in place that will help relieve you from thinking about everything every day.

That has been the biggest gamechanger in the way I show up at work and in life and my stress levels are really low, compared to when I used to expect so much of myself that I would never be able to start anything.

I hope this helps.

Sending you love and light


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Comfort of routine