The concept of a center or a qibla is very well known to Muslims. We pray in a certain direction and that physical act reminds us how metaphorically our life should be directed. That sense of correct direction is very important in religious activities but I’ve found that sometimes when we simplify and pear down ideas that are larger than life we can apply them in a more tangible manner.

So I’ve been feeling really down in the dumps with COVID and my home being cluttered with people all the time and my work is suffering because of just everything. I want to routinely give up on the whole thing altogether. We all go through these phases when we’ve put out proposals and have done everything that needs to be done and things are not happening fast enough and we are getting agitated. Sound familiar?

When we feel desperate we start to get creative and in my creativity, I’ve realized that our bodies are very intelligent, we don’t think of our body and intelligence together but let’s start by thinking about the first reaction we feel in our bones and the bad taste in our mouths or sudden clarity we feel after showering or the flow of ideas when we are walking. That is bodily intelligence which I put to good use since yesterday to beat the blues.

My garden is bright green and beautiful, my herb garden is thriving and the blossoms are in full bloom, I’ve been facing the beauty in my back yard and working and have realized that it is the most amazing I’ve felt about my work in a while.

Does this make sense?

I believe that putting myself in the way of beauty and nature and physically directing myself towards the things that are making me happy is having an amazing effect on my mind and my mood and my work and my courage in general.

If you are feeling urgh! try and find a pretty corner in your house or a nearby park or a coffee shop you like and see if that helps.

Sending you love and light