I want to talk about a noun today.


I don’t know about you guys but I’ve always had an issue with being consistent. I love a ton of different things, I am a curious individual and so my curiosity gives me life and joy and enjoyment, all important ingredients of life.

So whenever someone would say be consistent, I would roll my eyes and move on ahead and avoid speaking to that boring person for the rest of the evening.

But much like most of the things in life, I find myself eating some humble pie about this idea.

There is some wisdom in it.

There is some magic in being consistent.

But of course, it is misunderstood as boring and the archetype of an individual who is dead inside.

I have learned over many years of falling many times and failing consistently that bringing in routines is an absolutely joyful thing to do.

Let me explain.

If you are anything like me, which is impossible not to be, in this day and age where you can learn anything and read about anything on the internet. Then your hunger for newness and new experiences and new ventures will be so much better fed if you bring in a few things you do consistently without fail.

Let me illustrate.

I decided to turn a new leaf in 2016. I started with making my bed as my anchoring activity. It was simple, not rocket science, and didn’t take too much emotional energy.

I have been making my bed every morning for four years now.

I used to before too….just to be clear…I’m not that useless…:)

But it was not the FIRST THING I DID when I woke up.

But now it is and has been for four years.

I kid you not, that one thing has led me to numerous good habits.

Like working out right after I make my bed, meditating right after I workout, praying right after I’ve meditated.

I start my day right every day, sometimes I start my day later than I would like but nonetheless, it starts right and I am anchored in my grounding activities. Which gives me strength and direction and structure to carry out the rest of my day beautifully.

I will say I’ve had very few bad, useless days where I’m feeling rudderless or all over the place since 2016….I’ve had bad days but not all over the place days.

So find the one thing you want to do every day, do it consistently so that you can consistently become better at life and less overwhelmed. And not boring and not dead inside:)

Sending you love and light