Good things Jar

Hi everyone!

I started a beautiful gratitude practice with my kids at the beginning of 2019. We would write one good thing that happened to us in the day and put it in a jar with the aim of having 365 notes to read on New Year’s eve 2020. It lasted for a month and then we got busy with life and other things.

I was having the worst day of 2020 on Monday 24th of February, glad I have the worst day of the year out of the way in February:)

Needless to say, I woke up on Tuesday feeling bad about my temper from yesterday and my lack of zenness and my complete loss of control when my gaze fell upon the three lonely jars sitting on my window sill. I reached over to it and started unwrapping each note with around the same time last year’s date on it and started reading the good things that had happened a while back.

My mood started to get better, a smile crossed my face as I relived all the lovely, sweet, nice, big and small good things came flooding back to me. I was reminded of how every day has something awesome folded into it. Most days have many many awesome things folded into them.

I’m thinking I’ll start the “good things” notes again. We will have ten months’ worth of good things to read on new years 2021.

Whose with me?

Sending you love and light.


Good things Jar