Well laid plans!?

2020 is coming to a close.

Aren’t we all wondering what the hell happened!!!

The more I speak to people the more they tell me about how their well-laid plans went out the window. So did mine, I had a huge vision about taking my coaching business to the next level and how I was going to instill healthy work routines and all that ambitious jazz.

Instead here’s what ended up happening with this year which I like to call “the shake off”

Why Shake off?

Well because look around you everything you thought was important was thrown into doubt, all the people you were trying to win over seemed no longer as important, all the priorities we had set up were turned upside down.

I digress.

Here’s what I ended up with 🙂 another list of learnings.

1- You are enough. As you are right now. No need for additions or subtractions.

2- You have enough. Look at how little we really, actually need to be happy.

3- So much of our joy and happiness is in such close reach that we take it for granted and never reach for it. Simple pleasures, cooking together, cutting each other’s hair, discovering shows we can watch together, snuggles, hugs, hot cups of weird flavored tea, daydreaming about travel, naps, conversations… the list goes on.

4- Hardship doesn’t harden us it softens us.

5- Connection is king, don’t take for granted the people in your life. Not having them close hurts.

6- Health is the BIGGEST blessing. So look after yourself before you are forced to.

7- When given time and space, what will we fill it with? This one truly revealed to us what we are made of. Either we have our work cut out for us or we did well, either way now we know.

8- Following our curiosities is so much easier than we thought it would be. We just need some focus on what truly makes us come alive.

9- Texting each other is not desperate, it’s desperately needed. Let’s not lose this beautiful habit we have cultivated of checking in on people on a regular basis.

10- Art, music, stories make life beautiful, and help us get through this thing we call life, let’s give a round of applause to the creatives that bring so much joy to us on a daily basis, shall we!!!

Sending you love and light


Well laid plans!?