The “Done List”

Today do something different. Do something no one will tell you to do. Do what you were never taught to do.

Make a “DONE” list.

We make “to-do lists”, we make “to be” lists, we make “be more like” lists all the time.

In our heads we are never enough, we have never arrived.

But today I invite you to spend this whole day in the past moment.

I want you to keep refreshing the “things I’ve already done list.”

Watch the mental image of the scroll rolling out as that list grows.

Watch the pile of checkmarks stack itself into an apartment complex.

If you catch yourself worrying about the next thing you have to do, make sure you go back and review the list of “things already done list.”

I want this to be our first conversation because we are embarking on a journey towards, strength and empowerment, and those are not easy things to achieve if you are not in control of your mind.

Do this as a regime. Wear a rubber band on your wrist and every time you think of all that needs to be done, snap it, and remind yourself to first celebrate what’s already been done and pat yourself on the back.

Trust me you will have so much more power to achieve so much more with this simple exercise.

The “Done List”