Take stock

Its a weird time.

How quickly have things changed?

You drive out into the streets at 9:00 pm and you are met with an eery silence and desolation. Just like in the dystopian movies.

People’s anxiety at grocery stores is palpable. Racks of abundance now lie empty.

Things we took for granted are suddenly removed from our reach.

Like being able to meet up with friends, being able to go the masjid to pray, being able to enjoy a good workout at the gym and join the many voices at a busy restaurant.

Isn’t it amazing that the things that we place so much importance in are not on the list above?

Things we stress out about on a normal day, our jobs, our deadlines, the meetings and phone calls that never end.

Isn’t it interesting that forces of nature intervened to slow us down?

To make us look at what makes us feel alive, what truly matters and what it is that we take for granted.

Let us take stock of how we are living and where we are placing our attention.

Sending you love and light.


Take stock