Small wins

I had the wonderful opportunity to record my first ever podcast for my nephew’s new podcast channel.

We were both a bit apprehensive, it was his first time being an interviewer and my first long interview. We were both excited too, new things excite me especially when I get to work with really awesome people, truly gives me a kick like no other.

I was pretty happy with the way the end product turned out, it is a wonderful flowing conversation about my career path and lots of laughs and life advice and weird analogies mixed with lots of badly pronounced words.

I’ll share the link to it at the end of this blog, because why not!

I, like any creative, multipotentialite am guilty of spending too much time worrying about the next move. So much so that I forget to enjoy and learn from the opportunities that life is presenting to me on a literal silver platter.

I’ve been trying to kick my worrying and control tendencies to the curb for some time now. Because ironically worry and control make you paralyzed and you delay action which is the only antidote for fear. Stuck in a vicious cycle, you are making the thing you are worrying about come to life by leaning into the worry/control way of approaching things.

I’m glad to report that I didn’t let myself get anxious about the podcast episode.

And I really enjoyed it, and I didn’t sound half bad, the responses came to me distilled and clear from the clutter that my brain feels like. So I deduce that when we are having a good time we definitely perform way better than when we are worried and trying too hard to get things right.

This is a small win which I want to celebrate you guys. Feel free to send me your small wins via the comments section and I’ll do a post celebrating your wins too.

The podcast, by the way, has 165 listens. It seems like a lot to me.

I’m not a huge social media person so 10 likes make me happy. Heck, even one comment makes my day.

As you can see it takes very little to please me.

Anyhow the point of today’s post is to point out the obvious.

Take a look around us we are living in a time of complete uncertainty and overnight change in the whole system of the life we were so attached to.

In short, life is unpredictable and mysterious and magical. Let us not ruin this adventure by worrying constantly by trying to chalk out a plan and sticking to it in order to achieve predictable results.

I don’t have anything against a well laid out plan or goals but when we worry and try to control our lives too much, we blur our own vision and lose our bravery to deviate from the plan if need be.

So lets trust that we are guided from within. We are intelligent beings. And everything that is coming our way is something we have already been prepared for.

Burdening ourselves with knowing all the answers and predicting the outcomes of every action is really not the coolest way to live life.

In the words of Anna (from Frozen) do the next right thing and find some joy in doing it!

Very soon you will realize that you have a nicely stacked deck of obvious next steps and predictable moves and a fair amount of success and satisfaction.

So relax, lean into the next right thing and kick worry and control to the curb.

Sending you love and light


Small wins