Don’t worry about what you will do, you are already doing it.

I read this quote somewhere and it stuck with me.

It points out the very sneaky nature of ambition cloaked in aspiration and negativity bias. Humans are moving away from pain and towards pleasure constantly. Observe your actions in your daily life and you will see how much of the big and little things you do are beginning with trying to get away from something or someone that hurts or makes us feel uncomfortable. From covering our toes with a fuzzy blanket to cutting out a toxic personal relationship, all we are doing is trying to make “us” feel good, relevant and peaceful.

And very often our peace is disrupted and our satisfaction with life is questioned by the notion of the next new horizon we will cross.

That is the concept of “I’ll be happy when, I’ll rest if, I’ll be confident when, I’ll give myself credit when” You catch my drift.

We are waiting for a magical point in the near or distant future where everything will feel good, we will have achieved all the success we desperately want, we will have all the good feelings in our belly, everyone will love us and so on and so forth.


There is no such future moment.

Things will always feel scary, and tough, and incomplete, and raw and rough, you will never be completely ready for any challenge. You will always be winging some things. So let’s radically accept what we have going on right now. Lets understand that there is plenty of life that is going REALLY REALLY well right now and not fall prey to the false notion of control and planning.

Not to say that we don’t plan, we have to plan life otherwise we won’t ever get anything done but lets also understand that we are exactly where we are supposed to be and stay present in the beauty of the now. Let’s infuse a little more joy and passion is the things we already know how to do and derive a little more joy from them.

Don’t worry about what you will do, you are already doing it.

Sending you love and light