Mother nurture.

Nature has a spirituality that is directly linked to human creativity.

I’ve read about the lives of many artists and writers and so many lived far away from the city on farms or the mountains and looked to nature as a centering force.

Georgia O’ Keefe was inspired by the vast uninhabited landscape of Texas she called it the vast nothingness. That connection with the huge desert space opened up space within her to express her inner life, borrowing elements of nature reducing them to simplify the thoughts and feelings that very often have no form.

Marget Atwood the great Canadian writer lived on a remote farm and spent a lot of time canoeing on a lake and taking walks in the forest. She found immense joy in her work and knew how to invoke her creative spirit by connecting with nature.

Frank Lloyd Wright harbored great respect for nature in his work and believed that human buildings and architecture should harmoniously connect with and benefit the land around it. His pioneering thoughts have inspired architects and artists to follow in his footsteps in maintaining the environment while merging it with art.

“A building should appear to grow easily from its site and be shaped to harmonize with its surroundings if Nature is manifest there,” he once said.

Robert Smithson was famous for being one of the first to undertake “land art” or “earthworks.” In Spiral Jetty, he constructed a giant swirl out of mud, rocks, and salt crystals jutting into the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The earthwork disappears then reappears, depending on precipitation and the tide. When there’s a drought, the jetty is more visible while normal precipitation keeps it submerged; and every time it reappears it is slightly different. It reflects the transient and changing nature of the earth.

I’ve recently moved out of my garage studio as well. I’ve started painting by this lovely water reservoir near my house, it houses seasonal vegetation and birds. I sit in the same spot every time I’m painting and every time a new image comes up from within me so far it is the best art creation experience I’ve had.

What does this have to do with coaching and strengths and empowerment?


This is my long-winded way of telling you to assess your environment take stock. Look around and see if there are some minor changes you can make that can take your spirituality levels and your joy levels to a higher than they are at the moment.

Get resourceful. Use what you have around you.

Don’t wait for a silver bullet.

You have the power to right now to take steps towards a better life.

COVID 19 is teaching us silence, distance, stillness, and rediscovery.

Let’s heed to the call of nature and remind ourselves that we and our inner lives are the most important asset we possess. Make it as healthy and as joyful as you can.

Sending you love and light!


Mother nurture.