Life Hack

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

There is a direct effect of your physical space on your mental space. In fact, your physical space is a reflection of your mental space.

A serious and tested life hack that I use to increase my productivity and chase that procrastination and analysis paralysis away is to deep clean something. Anything. I pick a room and clean it like the world is ending and in the process, I find I’ve fine-tuned my ideas, I’ve figured out solutions and thrown out bad ideas.

I’ve done this many times and in the middle of some huge project, where ideally one would focus on the project. The act of cleaning and sorting and throwing out unwanted items to me directly relates to the same activity in my mind.

Doing this mindfully and not in a frenzy of stress is so much more empowering and so much more releasing.

Try to take a cleaning break in the middle of writing or spreadsheets or whatever it is that you do.

Sending you love and light.


Life Hack