Good thing bad thing?!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

The benefits of being older are rarely discussed in modern media. Ours is a youth and beauty-obsessed era. The reality though is very different from what is being sold and portrayed. I, as the keen observer of life, saw very early on that people in their forties and fifties seem to be doing much better than people in their teens, twenties, and thirties. I saw the comfort with which older people carried themselves, how un-frazzled they were by events and they seemed to always know the next steps for any situation.

I enjoyed back then and to this day, the company of older people much more than younger people or even my peers because they lacked the agitation and ambition of youth, they carried in them contentment and peace that seemed to only come about at 40 plus years.

I was desperate to reach this age group where nothing really seemed earth-shattering and mind-blowing, life would run on your chosen rhythm, older age has so many benefits that sometimes older people don’t recognize and enjoy and that’s where the dissonance comes in.

I think if one had the wisdom to enjoy every age to the max without either longing for the future or pining over the past one could truly be happy. Revisiting the past and rehearsing the future are the best ways to lose the present which is the only thing we have.

I am guilty of jumping ahead and looking back all the time and that is why I worked hard on surrounding myself with wise people whose footsteps I could follow as a youngster and I continue to look for and surround myself with people who continue to teach me something new and something wonderful. At the same time as I am older, I’ve realized that it is paramount to remove the people who are holding you back or bringing you back to a state that you are trying to free yourself from.

Needless to say age 41 for me is a great time, I love the fact that I am really happy with the few solid friendships I have, I am really peaceful with a long lazy day where I’m not seeking out an adventure and just enjoying my peace and solitude, I am not cluttered with choices about where to take my career and who to network with next. I’ve hit that peaceful rhythm of life I saw those people in and interestingly enough more new things are happening to me now than ever before but not in a chaotic random way.

So needless to say I love being older, wiser, happier, and slower but focused and peaceful.

This was not a life hack or a productivity tip but just a way of saying that we should not buy anything media is selling and we shouldn’t blindly pine over the things we think are going to make us happy, we should rather search for our own truth and our own reality.

I’m all about being fiercely independent in our thinking because the way we think is the way we feel and the way we feel, is the way we show up in life. Which ones of your beliefs are you going to revisit?

Sending you love and light.


Good thing bad thing?!